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Wedding Planning Guide Book

world of wedding music book

"The World of Wedding Music"

$10.00 each

The first and only complete wedding music question and answer guide!

A wedding day is filled with moments that become memories. Music gives those memories a melody to play in your heart forever.
For over thirty years Mikki has helped people plan their wedding music, and through the years many people have told her the information she gave them really helped. Some even said "You should write a book!",
Here it is, a book filled with Mikki's answers to frequently asked questions about Getting Started, Hiring, Contracting, Reception, DJs, Bands, Dance Lessons and much more.

This unique book will take you step by step from the moment you set your wedding date to the last note at the reception, and doesn't miss a beat along the way. And its easy to read format gets right to the point so that you won't have to wade through pages of flowery speeches. Mikki has also added some behind the scenes humor we hope will make you smile.

Q. Who should make decisions, confirm details, and schedule meetings for the wedding day music?

A. Whoever you like ( i.e. the bride and/or groom, parent, etc.) Just be sure to designate from the start exactly who is in charge. By doing this you will avoid confusion, delays and, most importantly, misunderstandings.

"Where did you put the contract for hiring the band?"
The frantic bride asked the groom with the wedding close at hand
He Said "I thought your sister was the one who had that job"
The bride shrieked in disbelief, "That was your job, Bob!"


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