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Wedding Song from Parents or Grandparents

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Volume 2 CD Album
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The Gift Without a Bow
....As you know, we have several individual songs from Mom and from Dad to the bride and groom, but many folks have called us requesting a song that could be from both parents. We also received many calls from grandparents who wanted a song from their point of view. In response, we have written "The Gift Without A Bow". This beautiful ballad can be from one or both parents, the grandparents, or from the bride and groom's entire extended family. In addition to being a wonderful wedding song, "The Gift Without A Bow". is also a perfect song for a son or daughter's birthday, graduation, or any occasion when you want to give the gift of love.

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When the sun has closed his eyes
And friends all said their last goodbyes,
You'll give them thanks
For the gifts they brought this day

Pretty gifts and precious things,
Bows on boxes tied with strings,
With grateful hands you'll place each one away.

But one more gift will still be waiting
Faithful as a star unfading
Purer than a winter's snow
And warmer than the sun
It's a gift without a bow or ribbon
Ever blessing, ever giving,
Nestled near you gently as a dove,
The gift without a bow is our love.

As the moon begins her flight
And the stars turn out to paint the night
You'll give your thanks for the gift of a perfect day.

You'll lay your head beneath the skies
And wait for sleep to fill your eyes
And soon your dreams will carry you away.
(repeat chorus)

Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved

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