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Song from Dad to his Son

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A Father's Song
....After the release of "A Song For My Son", many fathers contacted us requesting another song for the groom - but from the father's point of view.
.... In response, we wrote "A Father's Song", the perfect musical tribute to the groom from his Dad.
.... It's true, father's often have a harder time expressing their emotions than mothers do, and "A Father's Song" helps them put into words everything they would want to say to their son on his wedding day.
.... Although not intended to be a dance, this song can be played after, or instead of a formal toast at the wedding reception. "A Father's Song" also makes a great musical gift from father to son on any occasion including birthdays and graduations.

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A man walks on this earth
For not so very long
And he wonders what
He'll be remembered by
When he is gone.
So he struggles through the years
Down a road he paves
With hopes and fears
Trying to carve his name
Upon the wall of time.

And so it is, my son
That I stand here now
Looking o'er the years
Of all the sweat and tears
That crossed my brow.
All the battle plans I drew
And all the mountains
That I tried to move
Lay behind me now
Like miles of sifting sand.


But of all the things I've done
I'll never be more proud
Than of you, my son
And of all the dreams I've had
It meant more just to hear
You call me "dad"
More than any wealth or fame
Or any glory I wish I could claim
More than anything I'll ever do
Son, I'll always be most proud
Of you.

Now you stand before me, son
On this golden day
And it's plain that you're a man
No more a child at play
But through a haze of tears I see
That little boy
Who once looked up to me
And realize that I'm the one
Who now looks up to you.

....(repeat chorus)

Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved

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