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"A Song For My Son"
The first wedding song in history written for the mother and groom dance,
and "A Song For My Daughter" by Ray Allaire
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How it all began...
....For as long as anyone can remember, brides and their dads have always had a special song for dancing together at wedding receptions. But during all that time, it never seems to have occurred to the professionals in the music industry that perhaps the mother of the groom might also like her own special song for dancing with her son.
All of that changed in 1991, when Mikki Viereck, a wedding singer and mother of two sons, sat at her kitchen table and wrote the very first mother and groom song in history. She named it, simply, "A Song For My Son".

....Almost overnight, Mikki's song became and nation-wide phenomenon. "A Song For My Son" was soon heard on NBC's Today Show, ABC's Home Show, The QVC Shopping Network, Lifetime Television and Jeopardy! It was written about in hundreds of newspapers and magazines, including Good Housekeeping, People Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal...and even in "Dear Abby".

....In short, "A Song For My Son" was embraced by mothers of sons everywhere, and has now become a true wedding classic. Soon after, thousands of requests began pouring in for even more new wedding music. As a result, Mikki assembled an entire collection of new wedding songs, and soon started the first new wedding music company in America: New Traditions Wedding Music. Today, New Traditions provides new wedding songs and music for: Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, Bride and Groom, Wedding Anniversary, Reception Music, Ceremony Music and much, much more. Songs are available as CD's and Sheet Music, Song Books and Frameable Calligraphy (...please browse our website to see and hear all of our songs).

....And to think it all began with a mother sitting at her kitchen table! As Mikki said on the Today Show, "...I guess it took a Mom to know what other Moms feel".

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"I suggest you begin with A Song for My Son,
...A song for the mother of the groom
was long overdue."
-Abigail Van Buren
"Dear Abby"

"Incredible!...Now there's a song for that
overlooked lady, the mother of the groom."
-Katie Couric
"NBC's Today Show"

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A Song For My Son - Official Video

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"If you're searching for new wedding songs and music for your upcoming wedding reception, look no further than New Traditions Wedding Music. When it comes to songs for the Mother Son dance, the Father Daughter dance, or the Bride and Groom's first dance - just to name a few - no one does it better than this special new wedding music company. And if it's ceremony music you need, New Traditions also has a great selection of Classical wedding music in their collection of wedding music CDs."